Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vogue Italia Real Talk

leave it to the italians to tell it like it is. and with my new favorite flagship of gray-is-beautiful mentor to boot(okay..i guess i will finally just let that almost-stampede on my life at the milan airport go for now) i am really feeling this issue. i've always felt that it's up to the rich and powerful artists and fashionistas to save us from the reign of terror and destruction of our planet. it's their rightful and royal duty after all.


Scott Goodwin said...

OPS Vogue Italia in October last I heard. No lie. So proud.

honeyo said...

of course they are

Penelope said...

That's great that Italy did this, considering who there prime minister is. I agree, the fashionists and artist should try to change the world, but who do they reach? mostly just other members of high society. I think actors are more effective, like George Clooney and Susan Sarandon, I just wish more actors would jump on the band wagon.

honeyo said...

word up penelope, agreed.