Thursday, March 11, 2010

Magic Hour Boutique Opening Party

magic hour

magic hour II

when things are supposed to happen, they just happen. there are signs that we sometimes catch if we're trusting in the you of now(thanks brian eno) like for instance, last time we spoke of valleys of neptune, we were vibing out on magic hour. happened again as i write this, jimi is "singing about the valleys of sunrise, green and blue...canyons too, i'm singing about atlantis love songs, the valleys of neptune is arising...rising...rising"

saturday march 13 7-9pm Magic Hour Opening Reception 2730 E. Burnside



boards of canada

in other news, pondering the new chanel tatts that everyone is raving about. can't help it, super cute!


ruth said...

well, i wasnt planning on any tattoos but..

honeyo said...

ha ha yeah well, this is different, it's a brand *)