Monday, February 15, 2010

sword and fern




i guess 2010 is going to be about haute girls who make jewelry, clothing and music. apparently we are running this town and a town near you? last night rafael and i dj'd at holocene for a special, couples valentine's show. we met these nice girls who also played and who happen to own the shop sword and fern down the street from us. i like our generation. something about running things together and connecting with community..this is our life, our city, our planet..we gotta make it what we want it to be ya know? synchronize our watches, get in the ship and set the compass to where we want to go. y'all i'm getting up and about to preach the sermon of love and togetherness. fuck it, why not? amen.


Valentine Falcon (president of liberation) said...

If feel like you just wrote my dream love letter-harmonic convergence is right!

elise said...

i look at your blog on occasion- always happy with the visual stimulation you provide! i'm in a different city and own a different type of shop, but i couldn't agree more. our generation is taking things into our own hands, creating better cities through the work that we do...right on ladies! ::hi fives from nashville, tn::