Thursday, February 11, 2010

i been feeling this way and then

cherry one radness

and also better late than never...just ran across this super awesome mix tape by gavin russom here

it was posted last year on 20jazzfunkgreats. nice, zone-y jamz while scanning old photos and drinking tea to the evenings rise. the transitions people. we are after all only humans.


1. Shaker Traditional Hymn-I Will Fight and Never Slack
2. Trio Bulgarka-Slunste Zaide (At Sunset) -
3. Haitian Ceremonial Music-Rhythme Rassemblement
4. West Indies Spiritual Baptist Traditional Song
5. Meredith Monk – Selection From Vessel: an Opera Epic
6. Karcharpaya Kantu – Andean Ritual Music
7. Guajira Ven – No1 De No1
8. PCP – Jane and Jeff Hudson
9. His Name is Alive-Hope
10. Kate Bush-How to be Invisible
11. Abdourahman Surizehi-Allahu -
12. The Mahavishnu Orchestra-You Know, You Know

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