Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ames gerould

Untitled Image 1

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our friend ames dips in and out around town. snip snapping this and that but you wouldn't know because he's stealthy, ninja-style.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't Fear the Weaver

These are woven walls

and other things woven






Monday, February 15, 2010

sword and fern




i guess 2010 is going to be about haute girls who make jewelry, clothing and music. apparently we are running this town and a town near you? last night rafael and i dj'd at holocene for a special, couples valentine's show. we met these nice girls who also played and who happen to own the shop sword and fern down the street from us. i like our generation. something about running things together and connecting with community..this is our life, our city, our planet..we gotta make it what we want it to be ya know? synchronize our watches, get in the ship and set the compass to where we want to go. y'all i'm getting up and about to preach the sermon of love and togetherness. fuck it, why not? amen.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

red hot hearts all around

mom and me

the serena williams at nite dress

guys, we did it! our first rad summer dress has been made and delivered! it's called the 'Serena Williams At Nite' dress. inspired by the great tennis player, we wanted to see what she looked like behind a thin vail of lace. there's a limited edition of 20 in the diamond lace and also a rose lace. it's stretchy and cozy for layering or not (spelled haute') i will take more pics later so u can see the delicious muscle tee back. there are some in the store but we are also taking orders for all black or red trim too. love you xoxoox

Thursday, February 11, 2010

i been feeling this way and then alexander...rip

cherry one radness

and also better late than never...just ran across this super awesome mix tape by gavin russom here

it was posted last year on 20jazzfunkgreats. nice, zone-y jamz while scanning old photos and drinking tea to the evenings rise. the transitions people. we are after all only humans.


1. Shaker Traditional Hymn-I Will Fight and Never Slack
2. Trio Bulgarka-Slunste Zaide (At Sunset) -
3. Haitian Ceremonial Music-Rhythme Rassemblement
4. West Indies Spiritual Baptist Traditional Song
5. Meredith Monk – Selection From Vessel: an Opera Epic
6. Karcharpaya Kantu – Andean Ritual Music
7. Guajira Ven – No1 De No1
8. PCP – Jane and Jeff Hudson
9. His Name is Alive-Hope
10. Kate Bush-How to be Invisible
11. Abdourahman Surizehi-Allahu -
12. The Mahavishnu Orchestra-You Know, You Know

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

birthday girl cakes


cake II


Vcake tattooHcake tattoo

backstage cake

special delivery

rafael, valentine, brian, cake

3 queens vs flush classic battle

the winner

laying it dOWnaaron, evan, ruth

not only was sunday the sabbath and international chill out day..it also happened to be ms valentine falcon's bday. and u know we don't just sit around on our hands when it's the PRESIDENT OF LIBERATION'S bday ! we get out there and make appointments with very important tattoo people, we special order commes des garcon perfumes and find all the bamboo towels in the city. then of course pick up some framboise and a couple cans of fancy feast on the way over.. our prez requested candlelit poker and so we did.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sakiyo Tobita & The Medium Necks











sunday is my favorite day of the week because it's for chilling out, listening to records, cooking, perusing magazines, the interweb and gobbling up gifts from afar. today is especially lovely because not only is it valentine's birthday(we'll be eating the most delicious vegan cake ala ruth in a few hours) but my package from afar was from one of my most special friends sakiyo tobita! she is one of the raddest girls in tokyo..not only does she make beautiful clothing and music under the moniker 'the medium necks' she also is a singer in a band called 'Helll' with our old friend jeff fuccillo(of Irving Klaw Trio fame) i really relate to her because she is one of us. she makes music, art, clothing, food and so on and so on.. i will be putting out a couple of her dresses and tops, flame necklaces and 'chiisai san' (little bears) tomorrow at the store so get ready to get super cute!

the medium necks

Helll music

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


(From my friend Kijahre's trip to Brazil)