Wednesday, January 20, 2010

space stuff





we've been love love loving our friend liz' s art lately. she sits quietly downstairs in her studio most days, all bundled up in her black hoodie, drawing these crazy, strobe patterns while surrounded by these totally 80's style pink drapes. she has a dog named gypsy and she likes to eat chips. duh. you can catch her art and video opening on march 4th at the partisan gallery in san francisco. she might do a performance as well. cross yr fingers oxoxo


... said...

Thanks for posting Honey...Looks like I will play a show that evening. Also, Root Strata is putting out a book of the images, and a dvd of the videos (I think packaged together, not for certain yet)coinciding with that opening.

honeyo said...

awesome! !! yipppee yay

anton shields said...

what a hottie.