Wednesday, December 30, 2009

best of 2009

in no particular order, in all categories..i forget what else but here.

azari &III 'reckless with your love'

falcon hawk guided meditation sunday night series

sade 'soldier of love'

monday night yoga


grouper at rad, ilyas at nationale


drinking chocolate

the continuation of no pants as pants

wraith live

sun araw 'heavy deeds'

jib kidder on so you think you can dance


yoko ono 'between my head and the sky'

almost quitting smoking

soysilk vanilla

beets, the sacred blood of life

oregon painting society

inca ore 'silver surfer school'

the 'we like cats' dub weekend

the blazers

portland garment factory

turning our house into the beat lab

panda sex what's up dog

the dissident preppy look

finding driftwood at the bins

battlestar galactica

djing to 300 dreadies in milan, in a pinch

field roast


signal drift (unreleased)

white rainbow 'clouds'

adrian orange rapping

ethernet '144 pulsations of light'

lindstrom and christabelle

the oregon coast


stick and pokes by maria

dylan walker art show

singing cats

rob walmart 'the journey'

luxury jones 'heavy syrup' movie

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