Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Speaking of...

Today when Honey was having to relent her powers to what the blazer print wanted to be and finding the new designs that were coming off of the surrender, we were having musings about the act of creating. How magazines fly open, birds land on your finger-someone speaks a word and time slows as that word you needed to finish your lyrics or the picture that completes the thought, arrive in what one secretly envisions how a shaman might perceive a "sign". I said yeah it's like a piece is only complete when it falls out of your hands and gets dirty or crumpled or aligned in this certain way that you could never have perceived, and it becomes the perfect and missing link to the finale of the project. On that note tonight i looked over and this cut out of an African king happened to be on the book cover, I thought this is exactly what I'm talkin'about! Spontaneous Universe created collage, this is why it's cool to surrender!
Do I hear an Amen!

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