Monday, October 5, 2009


let's get ready to play indoors for a while but not today. today was summer again here in portland with the warm heat and the lovely new traffic. otherwise i've been obsessed with patterns and fabric, textiles etc and learning how to make house music. both of which are leaving me hella loopy. at some point there will be a line of clothing but i just can't decide on anything! it's too much for a beginner like myself. it's like my baby-mind can't decipher lines or dimensions and it hurts as i teeth out new forms or regurgitate dubbed out remixes of ancient greek gods or twisted, braided blazer logos. hint hint. in other news...we just got in some lovely new jewel-gear from the lovely meghann sommers. of course the betches have already scooped up some of the hits but come check it out or at least get your sweater on. yeaaaahhh

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