Thursday, October 29, 2009

spaced out random post of things i like this week

molting riri


malcom mclaren always pretty much

Picture 3

my friend andrea has a rad blog of her sf happenings here


we painted the outside on saturday. got rid of the funky green and into the all-you-can-biba. i was so stoked on the 17 dollar bilingual caution tape! still am.

painting rad black

painting rad

favorite halloween eyes hands down. and dig the neato flash!

trippy halloween eyes

valentine and kenna re-work our logo into our new portal-entrance that anna will paint. coming soon..

i'm so jealous of that cig.



Sister Ashby said...

DEEOOOD! Totally tried to get hooked but it wouldn't work. And I also found out that if I smoke I might have to get my hands amputated. WO! Purple hands+smoking=STOOPIT.

honeyo said...

phew! we need yr hands for so many things!