Thursday, August 20, 2009

the return of innocence

imgYohji Yamamoto1


i have this reoccurring epiphany from time to time. i realized these past few days that it has something to do with total release, acceptance of every moment around me. if i stop my thoughts and enter this moment, the whirlwind of energy that pulls in twelve different directions just stops. we've all had these feelings right? but then something new appeared yesterday. something about innocence and the playfulness of it's essence. when i delve deep into the bottom of my heart, mind, body, soul, there is this newborn creature that wants to jump out and play. i want to think new thoughts, make new music, new art, new friends. i want to spirit around you like a bliss-blanket that is lighter than feathers yet penetrates into your world with radiant vibrations of pure love. because you are that and we can re-create the way in which we interact with our world whenever we choose. even now. i'm feeling hella stoked on something. i don't know what exactly but i know that innocence is the key. don't forget and please remind me next time you see me. xoxoxoxo

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