Sunday, August 23, 2009

Costumed Summer

Here are two pieces I made in and out of the Rad Summer sacred basement!

The first piece was for Brian Mumford's "Favorite Things" curated night for the Yellow Brick Road Street Outreach. I was part of a costume procession organized by Dana Dart-mclean. The piece was made from a child's sleeping bag and cotton rope.

The piece represents emotional, psychic and haptic independence. I wanted to make a piece to protect and guard my cosmic singularity in a soft and loving way. It is also a fully functioning sleeping bag, so I can take myself anywhere I need to go.

Image by Orland Nutt

The second piece was for the "Last Splash" experiments in swimwear event. The piece was assisted on and worn by Dana Dart-mclean.

The top piece is a diorama made from cardboard, papier mache and plaster. Look into the peephole to see her inner cosmic beauty in the form of LED's, reflective material and a dreamy painted bare chest. The bottom piece is an inverted face made of plaster and held by golden leather, designed for a person, in honor, to get on their knees and place their face in.

Thanks to Rad Summer, Dana, Honey, Midori, Brian and countless others for their help and support!

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honeyo said...

is dana wearing white zinka? fabulous.