Monday, August 31, 2009

totally haute!








carlos move over maru!


thanks to dlisted which is basically where unicorns come from.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Style Icon of the Day

I can't say how cool this woman is, or how long she has inspired me. Jane Goodall is a dream.

Friday, August 28, 2009

spray rock


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

summer lovin'


fire walk with me



1. guided meditation ala miss valentine falcon and brux blackhawk during 108 heat. best sweat lodge ever.

2. devotees

3. beach energy

4. coven wolves

5. bonfire at the mansion

6. homies playing

7. inca ore drifting outside

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Costumed Summer

Here are two pieces I made in and out of the Rad Summer sacred basement!

The first piece was for Brian Mumford's "Favorite Things" curated night for the Yellow Brick Road Street Outreach. I was part of a costume procession organized by Dana Dart-mclean. The piece was made from a child's sleeping bag and cotton rope.

The piece represents emotional, psychic and haptic independence. I wanted to make a piece to protect and guard my cosmic singularity in a soft and loving way. It is also a fully functioning sleeping bag, so I can take myself anywhere I need to go.

Image by Orland Nutt

The second piece was for the "Last Splash" experiments in swimwear event. The piece was assisted on and worn by Dana Dart-mclean.

The top piece is a diorama made from cardboard, papier mache and plaster. Look into the peephole to see her inner cosmic beauty in the form of LED's, reflective material and a dreamy painted bare chest. The bottom piece is an inverted face made of plaster and held by golden leather, designed for a person, in honor, to get on their knees and place their face in.

Thanks to Rad Summer, Dana, Honey, Midori, Brian and countless others for their help and support!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fashion Splashin!

Come to this insaaaane pool party Saturday! I'll have a very intriguing piece in the event! Come see! Think Valie Export meets Baron Munchausen. View the fruits of my unemployment!
Sister Ashby

the return of innocence

imgYohji Yamamoto1


i have this reoccurring epiphany from time to time. i realized these past few days that it has something to do with total release, acceptance of every moment around me. if i stop my thoughts and enter this moment, the whirlwind of energy that pulls in twelve different directions just stops. we've all had these feelings right? but then something new appeared yesterday. something about innocence and the playfulness of it's essence. when i delve deep into the bottom of my heart, mind, body, soul, there is this newborn creature that wants to jump out and play. i want to think new thoughts, make new music, new art, new friends. i want to spirit around you like a bliss-blanket that is lighter than feathers yet penetrates into your world with radiant vibrations of pure love. because you are that and we can re-create the way in which we interact with our world whenever we choose. even now. i'm feeling hella stoked on something. i don't know what exactly but i know that innocence is the key. don't forget and please remind me next time you see me. xoxoxoxo