Friday, July 31, 2009

now this is the purest, queen beezy i know





i just have to bow down and give a praise lord or an amen every time with this woman. even that one time when she flipped out and slapped that tv show interviewer. i mean, i woulda done the same thing. i'm fucking grace jones betch! !


stacie said...

the last dress pictured had a disco ball effect on stage. there were lights pointed directly and as grace moved so did the light reflections!!! the whole evening was totally amazing, grace jones at hollywood bowl!

honeyo said...

dang ! was that where we saw mbv too? can't remember

Valentine Falcon (president of liberation) said...

she even has the perfect tilted eye thing that i love, she's is a frickin Pharoahueen, i bet in the meantime at home she's like the sphinx asking the bravehearted to answer a question then destroying them if not answered right...what's her sign?

brian said...

she right on the cusp of taurus/gemini.

stacie said...

we saw mbv at santa monica civic center, hollywood bowl is OUTDOORS! next time you are in la we'll have to check see if there is a show, great place to pack a picnic dinner, watch the sun go down and the mooooon and music come up!