Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Droppin Chuck Wise style Wisdom

Honey and those who crossed his path became subjects to the wizardoress spell of Chuck Wise-he is our local lawn mower repair man-and a walking history book channel-only one channel though,the four corners of Burnside and 28th. Rad Summer at one time was a Soda Fountain-the ghost of the soda fountain business still whispers in our ear-we are constantly feeling the compulsion to sell treats or special soda-make shelf space and a spot in the mini fridge to satisfy this candyman energy that prevails.
Picture this-looking out the front door of Rad Summer and seeing only farm fields, Chuck Wise said that's all their used to be there!
(P.s. he used to work at the soda fountain)


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Gnar Tapes & Shit said...

there's always that guy and i have learned to love that guy