Thursday, July 9, 2009

beached, lazer-ripped reggae


i've listened to this three times today already. it's so good!


i just have to lay it out straight. leopard is hott right now. get in! i'd even be into it if you wanted to rock multi-layers of camo. c'mon just try it. feels good! reggae soldier/symbionese liberation army. you will make hearts melt fo sho. i just realized that this is eva saelens to the core! inca ore dress code much?


velvety, floral dress by dawn sharp. for days when i want to feel delicate and light. appreciative of my downward dogs etc.


father yod vinyl and some cloth floral lotus(?!) flats. available now at rad summer for 22 buks. size 7/7.5 i think.


i saw these killer rose printed flats at stand-up comedy down the street. hella dope/cute! but i'm going barefoot or flip flopped this summer letting my opaque yellow polish get some face time. at least until they get my size in :)

then rafael brought me vegan bbq from homegrown smoker on alberta st. dang! finger lickin' good y'all. adam came and ate a sandwich while we listened to the new dancehall mixes. now ashby and i are ichatting about how summer brings out the best in us. we want to get beached-bleached, lazer-ripped reggae, rowdy barefoot twig. we miss last summer but last summer we missed the summer before that! 'oh well' i say 'have fun going 'rager camping' ! xoxoxoxoxoxo'

ps the goner cd by ilyas ahmed on rootstrata is a good burner for these times


stand up comedy

yoko ono

dawn sharp

homegrown smoker


Sister Ashby said...

OMG! I totes have a two layer camo vogue shot to send you from rager camping this weekend! btw to all the girls out there...try just wearing a sassy strappy onesy to double as a bathing suit with a crushed velvet mini from the bins, then wrap your tshirt around your head like a turban...insta rager fancy camper! it's no mess easy to layer for optimum flexibility.

p.s. i just bought light beige sheer tights. i had an intuition...but how the hell do i wear them?

honeyo said...

ha ha ! i love your turban vibes :)