Friday, July 31, 2009

now this is the purest, queen beezy i know





i just have to bow down and give a praise lord or an amen every time with this woman. even that one time when she flipped out and slapped that tv show interviewer. i mean, i woulda done the same thing. i'm fucking grace jones betch! !

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bees make Honey, and Honey makes dees

Behold: the Quintessential Coverlet; imagine an apron (for lack of a better word) that you just slip over the head-you have the great on/off capability,yet all the necessary city shields are there, i.e hoodie, front piece coverage, and pockets, it's like if you are still in beach world or small dress world, but you have to run into the grocery store, you don't have to change and put on a bunch of clothes, just do a quick pullover-you're set, and looking good i might add. I already have dibs on this one but Honey is making more for the store...heart, heart, heart...When i saw it, not to be self centered, but it was like she had made it for me, ha, ha kidding...kinda...

speaking of 'locals only'


this is our first ever rad summer ad y'all! it's to help celebrate the summer bummer festival happening august 21-23 here in portland. tons of killer garage and other avant things :) here

raw nachos

jerk tofu

and for the intricate, raw, vegan, hella rad, whatever is totally yummy-amazing-palates out there. come check out the new blossoming lotus restaurant! it is open and happening as we speak. ne 15th and broadway next store to the coffee shop. really really yummy. here the raw taco salad/nacho thingy and the trinity drink rulez.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blonde Roots

I was super feelin my Cali' roots watching Z-Boys/Dogtown Movie(again). At the time of my youth (and small mindedness) only the skaters were cool, Tony Hawk and a few others lived up the street from me. It was the late 80's so I never got to really experience the surfer/skater unisex vibe- i.e. one begetting the other. Watching Dog-Town made me fully preciate' toe-head, high-sock, corduroy shorts,super casual OP/top hat style...hanging-out in Encinitas, watching people cruise around in bikinis and swim trunks-I didn't even know how much I missed California till I left it...thank God for Rad Summer, ha, ha.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grace, Tattoo Artist

Werewolf amongst bats of many hues, set below a silver moon and orange sun. I'm keepin it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was super loving the salt beds with the glass haired lady-but couldn't help to give some props to the King Louis Vuitton...The whole outfit is by those guys,but I couldn't keep my eyes off that stranger-the necklace I mean-it has it's own personality-'Gold-Vader' with Tigers Eyes inlay. If I was to be a dream animal I would summon such effects: blonde white fur-with tiger eye precious stone-iris's...oh yeah and maybe naturally gold nails or know!

Why They Be Written Songs About Em'

It is a truth that I can never get enough Native Americana in my life but as an ancient soul always trying to get comfortable in these modern times-I love the alchemy of melding both worlds (moccassin/indigo-electric blue suede),found these little beauties in a magazine, feeling like I should attempt to make them myself-it can't really be that hard, and plus I couldn't find them in the song form i.e."Blue Suede Shoe" on the internet (translation:no one is selling the blue one's!!!)
I'll keep you posted if i dooo end up making thee...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


dash snow was a funny guy. i really appreciated how playful and light-hearted his art was. super bummer. R.I.P. 4984


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Droppin Chuck Wise style Wisdom

Honey and those who crossed his path became subjects to the wizardoress spell of Chuck Wise-he is our local lawn mower repair man-and a walking history book channel-only one channel though,the four corners of Burnside and 28th. Rad Summer at one time was a Soda Fountain-the ghost of the soda fountain business still whispers in our ear-we are constantly feeling the compulsion to sell treats or special soda-make shelf space and a spot in the mini fridge to satisfy this candyman energy that prevails.
Picture this-looking out the front door of Rad Summer and seeing only farm fields, Chuck Wise said that's all their used to be there!
(P.s. he used to work at the soda fountain)


Dream Face


Just watching 'Music Is The Message' last night, I am endlessly inspired by the wives of Fela-I feel the place they took their African style has still been semi untouched-one of their costumes was taping their legs and arms with colored duct tape-to look like bands of jewelry but done all in African colors...and their dance moves! I never want to leave disco africa-ha, ha

Monday, July 13, 2009

do this while listening to that


found stashed at rad: two copies of this exact page that had both been ripped out of old nylon mags. when it's good, it's good!


Friday, July 10, 2009

yay, so fun!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

beached, lazer-ripped reggae


i've listened to this three times today already. it's so good!


i just have to lay it out straight. leopard is hott right now. get in! i'd even be into it if you wanted to rock multi-layers of camo. c'mon just try it. feels good! reggae soldier/symbionese liberation army. you will make hearts melt fo sho. i just realized that this is eva saelens to the core! inca ore dress code much?


velvety, floral dress by dawn sharp. for days when i want to feel delicate and light. appreciative of my downward dogs etc.


father yod vinyl and some cloth floral lotus(?!) flats. available now at rad summer for 22 buks. size 7/7.5 i think.


i saw these killer rose printed flats at stand-up comedy down the street. hella dope/cute! but i'm going barefoot or flip flopped this summer letting my opaque yellow polish get some face time. at least until they get my size in :)

then rafael brought me vegan bbq from homegrown smoker on alberta st. dang! finger lickin' good y'all. adam came and ate a sandwich while we listened to the new dancehall mixes. now ashby and i are ichatting about how summer brings out the best in us. we want to get beached-bleached, lazer-ripped reggae, rowdy barefoot twig. we miss last summer but last summer we missed the summer before that! 'oh well' i say 'have fun going 'rager camping' ! xoxoxoxoxoxo'

ps the goner cd by ilyas ahmed on rootstrata is a good burner for these times


stand up comedy

yoko ono

dawn sharp

homegrown smoker

Monday, July 6, 2009

pearly queens and kings



straight outta the late 19th century, original london gangsters flashing pearl signs. so major!