Thursday, June 25, 2009

real talk

graffiti. what does it mean to you? if i ask the question. what does it mean to you? internet, collective, what does it mean to you? i need to know because somebody needs to know. walls? if i paint on our walls will you be mad? why? what if it is intriguing? what if it inspires you to be what you could otherwise not know or be? what if you could not know otherwise? i would be grateful to know what you think. please, do tell.

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Valentine Falcon (president of liberation) said...

I was feeling pretty inspired the other day passing by this abandoned house, people had written all over it, but not in a cool way. You know when you get that thought "I could do that better". It just had gang signs, and no trespassing signs...but what if I went really deep on it, kinda Keith Haring/Peruvian hummingbird desert-God-sand grid-design, what if I wrote perfect calligraphy or maybe thought of a really good one-liner. Point being those abandoned blank spaces in the city give me many thoughts----when i see one on a freeway underpass, or on the top of buildings-art pieces or words-it's kinda super hero know where you're thinking-someone was up there-how did they do that...whooa! There's tons of tags and drawings from ancient Greece to "Lewis and Clark was here" -and I'm sayin the brothers them self wrote I have never been down for hater vibrations-mean stuff-but i love being in the bathroom traveling and see what people were thinking-it makes me not feel alone, sometimes I even laugh. I don't see much of that anymore though...It's hard because they can deface public property with a huge metal hair folical in front of Powell's book, but real art (says I) or words or poetry that is being expressed with true unbought freedom-is getting people arrested!!!???
On our European tour I had the pleasure of rolling up to this German community center-while kids openly graffitied a wall, the place we had lunch in was a kindergarten room upstairsan older peoples wedding was going on, downstairs was the club where we would play, and the outer walls of the whole place were covered in graffiti art...That was a perfect integration of all parts of society-I mean little kids draw on the walls all the time too! how can art connotate a crime especially if it isn't hurting anyone? It's crazy graffiti artists can get 3 years in prison-sex offeneders get only 5-6-what!!! (honey's heard that one already) it just freaks me out, aaaand I'm out.