Friday, June 26, 2009

consumed by thoughts today


1. pre-pubescent teens smell a little bit like new puppies. especially after they toss their push scooters in the corner and commence to trying on clothes for 2 hours.

2. one cool thing about your boyfriend being in jail is that you can walk around wearing the craziest outfits. for instance teen-inspired tutu's over gym clothes. the hard thing is that i have to stop watching battlestar galactica until further notice. it's just would not be fair.

3. how long would it take to count the number of rob walmart songs?

4. when i was 16, i made out with a boy that wore a jean jacket with a huge D.R.I. patch on the back. i still don't know what they sound like.

5. the song "i couldn't say it to your face" by arthur russell.

6. lentil-sage field roast, arugula, avocado, beets and carrot sandwich is what i'll eat for lunch today.

7. i wish rafael could eat lunch with me today.

8. what will sade's new record sound like? i'm so excited!

9. will charlotte wear blazers gear on her european vacation? what will the euros think?

10. halle berry got pregnant when she was 41.


Gnar Tapes & Shit said...

1. pre-teens also love white fang
2. boyfriends in jail is right. our buddy mike is in eugene county jail. we pour a little beer out for him every night.
3. it takes twice as long to count the number of ROB songs as it does to listen to all rob songs
4. DRI is really sick. that boy was me in another life before this one. i was born in 89.
5. i don't know who arthur russel is. is he hot?
6. lunch may or may not happen today for me.
7. i wish raf was eating lunch with you too.
8. sade's record will sound kind of like little wings i hope.
9. charlotte is cool.
10. halle berry is cool.


honeyo said...

white fang rulez the skulez xoxo