Wednesday, December 17, 2008

remember when..


i flew down to la to see mbv one more time and we went to venice beach on your lunch break? two hours of sand naps and when we woke up there was a flock of seagulls napping all around us? then when we went to trader joe's and you told me that even though we were at the beach, we couldn't wear our bikinis inside? HA HA i changed in the truck phew..air conditioning. well now it's portland ice storm II 08. rad summer has just opened up in it's new euro location with nu vison, diamond era things. i don't have internet because it's too expensive and xmas just got crossed off all our coven lists..for now that is(*see the future jamaican cruise in tha works) i miss that day while also loving today. rad was superrad in it's soft, opening glow..the one white wall waiting for maria to come home from hawaii. she will soon commence the aqua-nation, underwater sunset, turquoise, pyramid reiki and we will all be healed. for now, in loving memory and future memories...hdogxoxoxoxoxo


stacie said...

summer sun burned in the brain keeps me warm when it rains.

sexy said...


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