Sunday, July 13, 2008

the heat won't stop

i feel like 2008's top ten list is all happening over these past few weeks. oh nothing..just a little over-the-top, naturally rolled out 4th of july mega outdoor dance party(still in the number one slot holding strong) we were so busy living the dream trip that nobody even thought to take pictures. of the dancers that is.. hints: maria knicked her chin doing the worm on the parking lot dance floor.

last night was another epically rad summer eve. first we waved tearfully as rob walmart, white rainbow and white fang sailed off in the cube for their summer breeze tour extravaganza. as they left they hi-fived part one of the king khan and the shrines posse(part 2 being broke down 250 miles away) who were popping in for some showers and amps. jason and i made a pact to sidekick-it, shepherd and gate keep the monkey house. we went to play a jomf show at velour atrium downtown but instead got bamboozled by an amazing dance troop called modern garage movement. they did a piece they call gree(gris?) it was so mesmerizing! i felt like marlon brando in apocalypse now. i wanted to stay on that island with the natives real bad.

the space raft


it was getting late so instead of playing, we jetted over to dante' s to catch the shrines crew play. the other half finally showed up and hit the stage. dr. john james spiritual voodoo space commune what?!! seriously, they put the holy in fuck.

shrines voodoo


kristin gave me a special edition wipers tee from rad summer's boyfriend, vacation. oh and an african queen necklace...ahhh the good life. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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