Monday, June 23, 2008

summer just gettin' started

first we saw a show by melissa dyne called 'GLASS' at the museum of contemporary craft. a totally awesome, weird and huge (process)piece of plate glass layed across a narrow platform. the glass felt alive as it slowly, lilted it's wings down around the podium. two large photos that were taken in the plate glass factory hung by sort of like proud parents or a posse de trinity. i'm stoked that the craft museum is rocking hard into the visionary future. melissa rules so hard!!

melissa dyne show

melissa's glass I

then it was time for california tour trypp fantastic epic om ma ne pad me fucking god galactic valet(now valley) tour. such a deeper, caravan of cheetahs, cougars, indigos, full moon surfers. it was pretty much about vacationing together and dissolving ourselves into the presence of each other and whatever else was around at the time. usually a beach. WOAH! and of course the starving weirdos had the best vibratious, solstice bbq of the century.



starving weirdos sweet q


my mom totally wearing a rad summer altered tee. she took us to the secret park where the karma light nuns reside. dreamy lotus blossom bliss clouds radiated astral divinity.

tiny snippet of starving weirdos, galactic core, valet aka valley solstice, lightening clouds jamz.
jordo took

jordan took this of the ultimate, galactic, kelp whipping contest.

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