Friday, April 18, 2008

James Brown Afrika Bambaataa and Valentine Falcon say hey!

Valentine finally made it to the HOUSE-house of R.S. Summertiiiyme! I heard James Brown talking (in a song) about raiseing his own food, and then I found-this. You may have seen it all before but I'm a babe from the woods at times. When The Bambaataa and the Brown get together..mmmm I do feel good-check it:

I got some MAD STYLE to throw down, did another sesh' with Rhys Balmer and Kenna Gair. The On line Fashion magazing-MAD STYLE-offers you the chance to not just dream of having the amazing outfits you see, but actually having them! You know how it is to scrutinize and wonder how or where they got the amazing gear (in any fashion magazine)-Well amazing gear is soon to be here, I am hoping but won't yet put it on the peeps that others with the eye for insatiable fashion-visions will also be contributing,.... Aaand in the back (of the magazine) will be like old school comic books or biker mags' where they show Crazy-bada###s t-shirts that you can order, you know who finds-and wears the most amazing of those shirts-Brux Blackhawk-I 'm hoping him and I can put together the besstest of the restest shirt designs-and offer them catalog style like this. It's kinda of a master plan/production but I think there is a collective unconscious that trickled out of Fidel Castro teaching Hugo Chavez-how to RULE. Meditation and open airways hopefully will always give rise to the implementation of vision-yes! I will give you peeks as the process unfolds. So far i have 10 pages of amazing women (ladies if you prefer) wearing the first round of VLF-White Magic Cake Outfits. The process has been pretty insightful and Rhys is an amazing photographer...soon to bee seen-LOVE YOU ALL>>>>>Valentine


honeyo said...

M+E+G+A STOKED 4 them picks xoxo

sexy said...


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