Monday, April 28, 2008


24 Hour Concert & Vibe Zone_May 03, 2008! from Audio Dregs Recordings on Vimeo.

24 Hour Concert Vibe Zone & Double Record Release Party: featuring Strategy and The Eternal Now Jamm Squad PDX

24 hours: May 3rd 5 pm until Sunday May 4th 5 pm

@ Hippodrome,
SE 3rd behind Office Depot, below Rotture, used to be called Loveland, Meow Meow, etc)
free admission,
all ages,
all night.
bring a cushion!

This 24 hour long concert will have no breaks in music, and will take place inside an installed vibe zone at The Hippodrome. There will be psychedelic projections and ambient tone bursts from the largest Jamm Squad in Portland psychedelic history (featuring members of White Rainbow, Valet, E*Rock, Strategy, Rob Walmart, Dark Yoga, Jackie-O Motherfucker, and 71,000,000 other local drone/psychedelic/ambient bands TBA...)
This concert/installation is also a celebration of the new collection of ambient recordings by Strategy, entitled Music for Lamping (Audio Dregs Recordings) as well the release of Ambient Not Not Ambient compilation (Audio Dregs Recordings) which features such local musicians as White Rainbow (as heard in this clip), Valet, Yellow Swans, Grouper, E*Rock and Smoke & Mirrors .

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I'll be there in spirit!!sounds magical!!!