Thursday, March 13, 2008


I just found ebay last week, which is probably shocking to Char and Hon! I guess I never had a use for it...until now. I am getting way into sparklies, just like the rest of the world right now. I want to buy sequins and all kinds of sparklies to weave into mesh items I plan on making myself via crochet! Mesh is another love of mine...which I'd like to revamp into like...the new LACE? Gunna try my hand at least. Currently sick as a pup in my bed learning to knit and perl my first mondo tweed giant bow for my new bun-dollophead-1890's look I'm going for.

Like the goth thing we're all doing...but for spring, shouldn't we lighten it up a little bit? Cremes and earth tones? Honey gave me this totally rad red sequined set last summer: head band and cumber bun that I had the glorious pleasure to take to Washougal river last summer. Nothing hotter than the ricochet of sparklies in rapids!!!

Check out this insane 8" x 8" applique i got this week! MMMEEEEOOOOW!

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