Tuesday, March 18, 2008

i made you a mix tape cuz i like you

canadian security is known to be faulty

i'm so happy to be back in the arms of vibratious fabric, dusty records and haute chicks. tour was hella intense and also fun. it was super sweet to hang out with the vacation girls stephanie and kristin. we became bffs. i miss u sluts! they are opening their own store in mere weeks down in atlanta. it's pretty much going to slay. our stores are officially making out as we speak..i made you a mix tape of some stuff that was in heavy rotations in my headphones. things stolen and gifted. meow mix special forces.

tour mix 08 here

twin powers, white williams, growing, the blank dogs, the clean, boris, people, shocking blue, flower-corsano duo, factrix, deuter, julianna barwick, throbbing gristle, the goslings, l.i.g.h.t., gas.


Stephanie Macksey said...

Honey buns!!
totally tubular mixtape..I love that you put WW on there. hehe
miss you much.

jacpot said...

how did you find Twin Powers? that's my good friend Jesse Hodges in Austin. He sent me the link here and i was like, "oh weird."

Jaclyn Campanaro

honeyo said...

third eye skylight :)

andrew said...

that throbbing gristle is raw...what track is that?

honeyo said...

'still walking' from heathen earth: the live sound of tg

andrew said...

that sounds much better live..thank you

andrew said...

got confused..'the goslings' were who i actually was hearing. What's this one called? Thanks in advance.