Thursday, February 14, 2008

wild kingdom


kingdomyeah right??!!! i bet these girls know how to party..soft focus, diluted apple juice. yum.

speaking of righteous and hott chicks, ms valentine lovecraft mountain has joined the rad summer coven/spiritual hot tub. she has absolutely delectable and juicy vibe clothing...guys, we're gonna need a bigger pad soon eh? maybe a farm in the country with organic gardens like in the ernest callenbach book, ecotopia where they secede from the union and live out their utopian dream. clothing: hippy miliant sexy. i'm so IN! cows walking around the streets that are broken up by the earth taking back it's self. woah, that is heavy.

k doods, i'm going to be taking off for a month touring around the country(and canada)with atlas sound, white rainbow and myself as valet. i'll be sure to take lots of photos of sweet vibes and post em as i can. meow meow meow infinity xoxoxoxo

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