Tuesday, December 4, 2007

my rad summer playlist nov 16-dec 4 2007

they're numbered but there is truly no order:

1. galactic core 'direct transmissions from the hunabku'
2. grateful dead 'grayfolded' 1 and 2 (it's been raining a lot)
3. astral social club cdr vol 1-6
4. randy grief/dan burke 'fragment 56'
5. boris 'rainbow'
6. people 'ceremony, buddha meet rock'
7. Tetsu Inoue 'ambiant otaku'
8. soundgarden 'superunknown'
9. hours of worship demo
10. death in june (cdr by fred)

* still rocking love joy lovers rock and omar souleyman pretty deeply in those moments when i'm not quite sure what to do. similar to those old scratched up cds of ethiopiques or nigeria 70's or something.

* my itunes is in need of a make-over. let's trade! gimme gimme, i'll give you clothes or tea or whatever.

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