Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Woman Power

Tomorrow I'm having my first art show! It's at Floating World Comics between Burnside and Couch on Fifth Street in the Goldsmith Building (where Hand2Mouth Theater plays). I am hella thrilled to be included in this awesome lineup of women: Maura Arraj, Janina Angel Bath, Heather Campbell, Britney Crump, Sarah Gottesdiener, Aidan Koch
Kristie Louderbough, Carolyn Main, Dylan Meconis, Jennifer Mercede, Erika Moen, Sarah Oleksyk, Jennifer Parks, Jeannie Lynn Paske, Catherine Peach, Rachel Richter, Morgan Ritter, Taryn Tomasello, Nubby Twiglet, Jen Wang, Julia Wertz, Bobbie Sue, Rikki Barney, Indgha Leigh, and Buket.

I have three drawings that will go up, which are based on glaciers. I decided I was sick of drawing human beings, because dude, so many humans I have to look at all the time. Glaciers are so relevant and emo to me due to realizations about impermanence in my experience as a film and photo archivist at the UW Special Collections. These are immense temporary sculptures given to us by our planet, and we have to act fast to appreciate them. On the grander geologic timeframe though, these mondo beauties will have their day once again. While there is a short (in comparison to our miniscule reference of biological time) warming period of fresh water ice melting, the aftermath is sure to bring a new ice age (ie we are actually in an "interglacial" period.

In any case! I'd like to share some drawings I made this winter that sparked some major consciousness shift (a rapid neggie cold jerk melt!). They aren't included in the show, and most have not appeared anywhere except for a class for my Comparative History of Ideas degree. The artist statement and webpage for the presentation can be viewed here.

tree on the UW campus

drawn in class, reflecting on the awareness and eagerness of my personal revolution

a Paloma for Michael

Julie Noble in the Painted Hills, Oregon Desert

spirit feather

the most immense, Chris Gilliam

Thanks to everyone in my life that has helped me use drawing as a way to process and express change and pain. I never knew hands were so powerful.


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honeyo said...

ashby, you are going to float out of your body and dissipate into pure love any second now. i just wanted to tell you that it was nice knowing you on the physical plane. xoxoxoxo h