Saturday, October 13, 2007


The last week has been a blur, Jacob and I spent Tuesday celebrating my 27th birthday, where I found myself taking shots off the whiskey bottle and eating Mac'n'Cheese (I dont' generally eat cow products so the morning after I had cheese blob stuck in my tummy) while watching movies...Wednesday Honey and Jen and I went to DOTS where I was presented with the most magical gifts. An animal print pant suit leotard (!!!!!!!!) which I wore the next day, vacation smelling lotion and the feeling of total blissful friendship...
We are planning on opening tomorrow so today is ultra mega work day, it involves stealing a couple very needed items from unmentioned locations, building things we don't know how to, googling a few things to figure out what they are and how to use them and the pure faith that all will be how it is meant to be.
A part of me is scared to open, Rad Summer has been our baby and now I have to share it? There will be people inside it? It feels like we were making our dream nest and now strange birds are to come and roost in it...But I am also excited because once the first bird comes in I will exhale, and exhale born from my heart, that we did it, Rad Summer exists and its heart is beating. I am so thankful for this opportunity to give and share with the Portland community, it has been so awesome feeling the love of random birds walking by and the other business owners in the area. If you come by you need to poke your head into our neighbor Twin's place, he sells lizards and such and is truly Buddha. Our other neighbor is Lived in Lover and the ladies there are so unicorns it will freak you out!
To wrap it all up, it has and continues to be a beautiful rainbow trip that we are all sharing and we are all so excited to share with you Rad Summer.
PS-I just read an article on the girl who was killed on her bike on Thursday by a cement truck. It reminded me how being a cyclist is a silent faith you have that we will all work together and give each other space to exist. Like life. My heart goes out to the girl and all those who were in her life.
Here are some pics from this week:
peace out doods

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nicole mark said...

this is your sink and your paint.
i am so excited to come to rad summer!