Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tao and Him

Sometimes a girl finds herself in a situation with a guy where she feels this total overwhelming love and tenderness, but in material reality there is no reciprocity present. The guy might just be acknowledging her presence, but not exchanging in the vibe. A girl in this situation might compromise, coerce or overload her fantasy world and crush her heart over the illusion.

I talked with a girl the other night that was in this dilemma and it got me thinking. That love and tenderness that we feel is real, we feel it in our heart and our skin and eyes. I like to think of that love originating from myself, rather than from the guy who I perceive to be vibing me. Like, isn't it nice to think about that energy as a force within myself? Something that most likely is my constant state of being, something that can be tapped into at any time when given the space and health to acknowledge? I try and think about those feelings and reactions and needs as outside of any particular person. That is a freedom that most girls are really terrified to get into. When you realize the beauty of your true loneliness you paradoxically realize the immensity and interwoven potential of love in your perception.

All the things we have are an illusion and maybe it's just a matter of choosing our fictions. I say choose the route of acceptance and freedom. It's not that the guy you like doesn't like you, but he acts in a way that serves his reality and his actions may not have anything to do with you. In our self centered perception this is a hard thing to click, but when it does it's the warmest most compassionate mode of relating with other beings. When you can just take for granted that we are all connected, you don't have to be insecure and force connection with people. This opens a door into the flow of the universe, that is very fruitful when respected with precious solitude, surrender and trust.

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