Saturday, October 6, 2007

right now i am in a saturday night group ichat with steve, adrian and adam. we're talking about rad things and also i love those guys. i keep thinking how amazing our tight crew is in portland. we are rolling with some sweet vibratious souls in these here parts. it truly gives me that feeling like i'm going to die tomorrow. explode or implode or just plain ole fall off a cliff. like this is as good as it gets type feeling. but like ecstacy or something, i don't die..i just keep rolling...

this past week charlotte, jacob, ashby, adam, brian and i have all been taking turns, leaping and bounding in the opening of our store sector. this includes the massive floor mural which is like the neverending story but trippier. we are getting super duper close to opening up. maybe in like a week and 1/2 or something. we are after all living in the moment where time and space do not exist.

here is something that does exist. i just found it while organizing some of the threads that will appear in the up and coming rad summer shop

Photo 7
Photo 9

CROSBY STILLS AND NASH T-SHIRT!!! i wish young was in the pic but hey, you take what the universe lands on you.

i want to write more about how pj harvey is awesomely cute and has good style but i think we are meeting for sliders in like 15mins..

here is a cute pic of her, you should google image her too.




ashby lee collinson said...

omg! i was totes feeling this vibe today too. like "what else do i need?" i've never felt such collective love and support from the universe.

that shirt is amazing! sooo neverending story.

and p.s. you're sooo p.j. harvey circa "dry". i meant to tell you ages ago. that album really f'd me in the a back in the day!

rad summer general account said...

we gotta fix yr laptop cam so its not mirror imaged..wonder how that is happening.