Wednesday, October 10, 2007

daily messege for transforming the mind

There are no others to be helped, for a realized being sees only the Self; just like a goldsmith estimating the gold in various items of jewelry sees only the gold. -- Sri Ramana Maharshi

i've been getting these messages everyday for 5 years via email from AHAM the Association of Happiness for all Mankind. all the quotes are from ramana maharshi, the once living avatar(otherwise known as enlightened person).

in human years, i'd say that i was about ohhhh, i dunno maybe 1/2 enlightened? as i become more and more aware of awareness and beingness, i worry that i will become homeless. like, get so enlightened that i forget to eat or get dressed in the morning. feel me on this anyone?

yesterday, we started the magical doingness of putting things in our store! WOW wow is SUPER close to opening time. erock stopped by to size up the mural he will commence in the coming days. i see smileys people. while all this was going on, i was wearing my favorite smiths t-shirt that matthew gave me
Photo 13
i can't stop wearing it and i think it might be bio-degrading off me as we speak. should i see how long i can wear this shirt for? would it take months for it to completely fall off?

the other night i got woken up at 4am by these little guys
my only fur coats
and for some reason i stayed up for an hour thinking about louis vuitton all-over-print monogram fur coats. i got all worked up in a frenzy about it and couldn't go back to sleep. those coats are fucking ridiculous! i just have to make a huge blanket statement about anyone who dares to rock it too. YOU ARE AN IDIOT! YOU HAVE NO SELF ESTEEM! YOU DON'T GIVE A FUCKING SHIT ABOUT THE SLAUGHTERED ANIMALS THAT GAVE UP THEIR LIVES SO YOU CAN ROCK AN LV MONOGRAM FUR COAT THAT YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS IN!!

wow so yeah, that was pretty much the 1/2 of self that is not enlightened...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ms charlotte aka zebradore aka love infinity supreme queen rad herself. i hope that you are sliding on clouds while holding hands with all the squirrels in the universe. btw i saw the unicorn on his way to your pad. he had buddha with him.

love love love



robert said...

Louis V is the death of FASHION !!
Anyone besides an eskimo wearing FUR is scum ie..lowest common denominator.

honeyo said...

new ideas for louis vuitton future lines: LV crop circles in the rainforest? ooh ooh, i know! LV branding irons!