Saturday, October 27, 2007


Thanks to everyone for dropping by last night! My pick of highlights are...bitsy and peeza throwing down mega love for each other...seeing Anna and Jeff!....our magical neighbor who came through with party favors...Valentines awesome yellow hat...Fox's horse shirt...and feeling all of the love and excitement that was in the air! So thank you so much everything, we are really happy to be open and have friends come down and hang out!
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Friday, October 26, 2007


If you ever feel you don't have enough room in this world to grow, to expand and release your inner magic, check out these doods. They pooped up on my back steps, a little reminder that all it takes is the desire to do something to make it happen.
Be a mushroom and come to the RAD SUMMER opening tonight and spread the R.A.D.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Monday, October 22, 2007



Saturday, October 20, 2007


next friday, october 26th come celebrate the grand opening of RAD SUMMER
3611 se division in portland oregon

awesome vintage/retro clothing
+ totally RAD underground records, tapes and CDs

R.A.D. Radiate Astral Divinity

be there! tell a friend!



Thursday, October 18, 2007


to the ravers that showed up to the suncircle, white rainbow show the other night

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

pfieffer beach

after our valet and white rainbow shows at the henry miller library, we dipped into the pfieffer beach for some ocean love. who should we run into? greg davis and the akron family/mega faun vibe tribe. the frisbee was hitting and the water was warm.

trippers frisbeeeee from whiterainbow on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is How I Feel

From one of the greatest unseen films of all time Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains

Glitter Swole

Last night I had this amazing dinner at Dalos Ethiopian on N Williams and Skidmore! But by the time I got to work today my left eye was totally SWOLLEN from an allergic reaction from something in the curry. I went to the corner market to buy an eyepatch so as not to alarm the custo's. They all thought I got punched. I was pretty bummed at first but started to feel sparkles in my heart reflecting on the total badassness of Slick Rick. I remember seeing him play when I was 18 and was totally mesmerized by his bedazzled patch. Time to decorate for the next allergic reaction!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Hey kids! Jacob and I did two all nighters so be able to open the doors on Sunday!!! Rad Summer is officially rockin' out! We are open Tuesday through Sunday 11-7...Come find us on Division and 36th, you'll smell the incense before you see us...peacingoutontheuniversalvibrations!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


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The last week has been a blur, Jacob and I spent Tuesday celebrating my 27th birthday, where I found myself taking shots off the whiskey bottle and eating Mac'n'Cheese (I dont' generally eat cow products so the morning after I had cheese blob stuck in my tummy) while watching movies...Wednesday Honey and Jen and I went to DOTS where I was presented with the most magical gifts. An animal print pant suit leotard (!!!!!!!!) which I wore the next day, vacation smelling lotion and the feeling of total blissful friendship...
We are planning on opening tomorrow so today is ultra mega work day, it involves stealing a couple very needed items from unmentioned locations, building things we don't know how to, googling a few things to figure out what they are and how to use them and the pure faith that all will be how it is meant to be.
A part of me is scared to open, Rad Summer has been our baby and now I have to share it? There will be people inside it? It feels like we were making our dream nest and now strange birds are to come and roost in it...But I am also excited because once the first bird comes in I will exhale, and exhale born from my heart, that we did it, Rad Summer exists and its heart is beating. I am so thankful for this opportunity to give and share with the Portland community, it has been so awesome feeling the love of random birds walking by and the other business owners in the area. If you come by you need to poke your head into our neighbor Twin's place, he sells lizards and such and is truly Buddha. Our other neighbor is Lived in Lover and the ladies there are so unicorns it will freak you out!
To wrap it all up, it has and continues to be a beautiful rainbow trip that we are all sharing and we are all so excited to share with you Rad Summer.
PS-I just read an article on the girl who was killed on her bike on Thursday by a cement truck. It reminded me how being a cyclist is a silent faith you have that we will all work together and give each other space to exist. Like life. My heart goes out to the girl and all those who were in her life.
Here are some pics from this week:
peace out doods

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

in case you were wondering what the jams will be like...

yeah. thats about what it will sound like on jacob's work days. in other news..... for the last week whenever i go piss i have a sudden misconception that i am dreaming and in reality am pissing all over myself and the bed or floor or couch. what could it be? hmmmm... i don't know. it is sometimes terrifying. how lame is it to piss all over yourself. i mean i did it till i was in like 3rd grade and on occation when i am wasted but so what thats all different. this is in ordinary reality. this is scary. i used to love pissing. the smooth sweet release tickling my urethra. no more. now it is fear i feel.

another radness...

me and adam at rad

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

sri ma

this is some very short, very rare and beautiful footage of anandamoyi.

check her


rad rad rad

daily messege for transforming the mind

There are no others to be helped, for a realized being sees only the Self; just like a goldsmith estimating the gold in various items of jewelry sees only the gold. -- Sri Ramana Maharshi

i've been getting these messages everyday for 5 years via email from AHAM the Association of Happiness for all Mankind. all the quotes are from ramana maharshi, the once living avatar(otherwise known as enlightened person).

in human years, i'd say that i was about ohhhh, i dunno maybe 1/2 enlightened? as i become more and more aware of awareness and beingness, i worry that i will become homeless. like, get so enlightened that i forget to eat or get dressed in the morning. feel me on this anyone?

yesterday, we started the magical doingness of putting things in our store! WOW wow is SUPER close to opening time. erock stopped by to size up the mural he will commence in the coming days. i see smileys people. while all this was going on, i was wearing my favorite smiths t-shirt that matthew gave me
Photo 13
i can't stop wearing it and i think it might be bio-degrading off me as we speak. should i see how long i can wear this shirt for? would it take months for it to completely fall off?

the other night i got woken up at 4am by these little guys
my only fur coats
and for some reason i stayed up for an hour thinking about louis vuitton all-over-print monogram fur coats. i got all worked up in a frenzy about it and couldn't go back to sleep. those coats are fucking ridiculous! i just have to make a huge blanket statement about anyone who dares to rock it too. YOU ARE AN IDIOT! YOU HAVE NO SELF ESTEEM! YOU DON'T GIVE A FUCKING SHIT ABOUT THE SLAUGHTERED ANIMALS THAT GAVE UP THEIR LIVES SO YOU CAN ROCK AN LV MONOGRAM FUR COAT THAT YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS IN!!

wow so yeah, that was pretty much the 1/2 of self that is not enlightened...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ms charlotte aka zebradore aka love infinity supreme queen rad herself. i hope that you are sliding on clouds while holding hands with all the squirrels in the universe. btw i saw the unicorn on his way to your pad. he had buddha with him.

love love love


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Les Rallizes Denudes

My current obsession. I play Les Rallizes Denudes all the time at the Acorn Cafe where I work. At 8am the light is so diffuse and smoldering, and all the architects and designers and art students are so out of it and reluctantly happy to be awake. With the haunted shredding of this band I swear every single one of them smiles and seems to intuitively understand. A perfect sound? Maybe so.

Little do they know that this arguably perfect sound has a very heavy political history. The Wikipedia article notes that "In 1970, the original bass player Moriaki Wakabayashi was involved in the hijacking of Japan Airlines Flight 351 orchestrated by the Japanese Red Army. Singer Takashi Mizutani was allegedly offered a role in the hijacking but turned it down."

In any case I've taken to tripping out really hard listening to their sound, walking under the Steel Bridge late at night slightly above the lapping poisonous river waves, next to the monstrous train tracks and Star Wars like cement plant stilted structures. They make me want to goth out so hard strolling, letting only shards of light hit my face with my hands in my pockets.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


I can't wait to see this movie!


Tao and Him

Sometimes a girl finds herself in a situation with a guy where she feels this total overwhelming love and tenderness, but in material reality there is no reciprocity present. The guy might just be acknowledging her presence, but not exchanging in the vibe. A girl in this situation might compromise, coerce or overload her fantasy world and crush her heart over the illusion.

I talked with a girl the other night that was in this dilemma and it got me thinking. That love and tenderness that we feel is real, we feel it in our heart and our skin and eyes. I like to think of that love originating from myself, rather than from the guy who I perceive to be vibing me. Like, isn't it nice to think about that energy as a force within myself? Something that most likely is my constant state of being, something that can be tapped into at any time when given the space and health to acknowledge? I try and think about those feelings and reactions and needs as outside of any particular person. That is a freedom that most girls are really terrified to get into. When you realize the beauty of your true loneliness you paradoxically realize the immensity and interwoven potential of love in your perception.

All the things we have are an illusion and maybe it's just a matter of choosing our fictions. I say choose the route of acceptance and freedom. It's not that the guy you like doesn't like you, but he acts in a way that serves his reality and his actions may not have anything to do with you. In our self centered perception this is a hard thing to click, but when it does it's the warmest most compassionate mode of relating with other beings. When you can just take for granted that we are all connected, you don't have to be insecure and force connection with people. This opens a door into the flow of the universe, that is very fruitful when respected with precious solitude, surrender and trust.
right now i am in a saturday night group ichat with steve, adrian and adam. we're talking about rad things and also i love those guys. i keep thinking how amazing our tight crew is in portland. we are rolling with some sweet vibratious souls in these here parts. it truly gives me that feeling like i'm going to die tomorrow. explode or implode or just plain ole fall off a cliff. like this is as good as it gets type feeling. but like ecstacy or something, i don't die..i just keep rolling...

this past week charlotte, jacob, ashby, adam, brian and i have all been taking turns, leaping and bounding in the opening of our store sector. this includes the massive floor mural which is like the neverending story but trippier. we are getting super duper close to opening up. maybe in like a week and 1/2 or something. we are after all living in the moment where time and space do not exist.

here is something that does exist. i just found it while organizing some of the threads that will appear in the up and coming rad summer shop

Photo 7
Photo 9

CROSBY STILLS AND NASH T-SHIRT!!! i wish young was in the pic but hey, you take what the universe lands on you.

i want to write more about how pj harvey is awesomely cute and has good style but i think we are meeting for sliders in like 15mins..

here is a cute pic of her, you should google image her too.



Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I have been on Brit Brits side for a while now, feeling that loser I mean ex-husband K-Fed was totes getting away with pop star murder, but man, it was kinda hard being a Britney cheerleader yesterday when I read why she lost custody of her children. She didn't comply with any of the judges requests fully knowing that by not doing so she would most likely lose custody. But then it hit me-she totally had a DELEWARE moment and boobooed the sitch! So my heart goes out to the Brit for we all know that when a DELEWARE moment hits, it hits hard.
Unfortunately when I had mine it was that I thought poodles were born pink whereas hers lost her kids. meow.

Woman Power

Tomorrow I'm having my first art show! It's at Floating World Comics between Burnside and Couch on Fifth Street in the Goldsmith Building (where Hand2Mouth Theater plays). I am hella thrilled to be included in this awesome lineup of women: Maura Arraj, Janina Angel Bath, Heather Campbell, Britney Crump, Sarah Gottesdiener, Aidan Koch
Kristie Louderbough, Carolyn Main, Dylan Meconis, Jennifer Mercede, Erika Moen, Sarah Oleksyk, Jennifer Parks, Jeannie Lynn Paske, Catherine Peach, Rachel Richter, Morgan Ritter, Taryn Tomasello, Nubby Twiglet, Jen Wang, Julia Wertz, Bobbie Sue, Rikki Barney, Indgha Leigh, and Buket.

I have three drawings that will go up, which are based on glaciers. I decided I was sick of drawing human beings, because dude, so many humans I have to look at all the time. Glaciers are so relevant and emo to me due to realizations about impermanence in my experience as a film and photo archivist at the UW Special Collections. These are immense temporary sculptures given to us by our planet, and we have to act fast to appreciate them. On the grander geologic timeframe though, these mondo beauties will have their day once again. While there is a short (in comparison to our miniscule reference of biological time) warming period of fresh water ice melting, the aftermath is sure to bring a new ice age (ie we are actually in an "interglacial" period.

In any case! I'd like to share some drawings I made this winter that sparked some major consciousness shift (a rapid neggie cold jerk melt!). They aren't included in the show, and most have not appeared anywhere except for a class for my Comparative History of Ideas degree. The artist statement and webpage for the presentation can be viewed here.

tree on the UW campus

drawn in class, reflecting on the awareness and eagerness of my personal revolution

a Paloma for Michael

Julie Noble in the Painted Hills, Oregon Desert

spirit feather

the most immense, Chris Gilliam

Thanks to everyone in my life that has helped me use drawing as a way to process and express change and pain. I never knew hands were so powerful.



killer vibe zone
rad floor paint

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


One of the many perks to having RAD SUMMER as part of our reality-is we today had a totally justifiable reason to find ourselves at the counter of SESAME DONUTS. Honey and I travelled on our unicorn to the far away mystical land called Beaverton to purchase racks for the store and as we are driving back home to our mushroom some of the racks fall off the back of our unicorn, landing in the middle of a really busy street. So we get off said unicorn and remount them on...I can feel the tiredness start to sprinkle itself onto our beings as we continue our journey but right in that minute Honey turns to me and says-"Do you see it?"....there straight ahead was any true spiritual food lover's mecca, SESAME DONUTS. I knew Honey had been there a few more times than I when she busted out her donut lingo'"I'll have one bag of the holes and a half doz of...." WOW.
In case you are wondering what a SESEAME DONUT experience looks like, here you go...
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