Sunday, September 30, 2007

me and chris

lately i've been thinking a lot about the black crowes. when i was growing up in the 90's i have to admit that i never listened to them..i saw soundgarden on their 'louder than love' tour borrowing a fake id to get into what was once the 'ibeam' in san franciso. they had SO MUCH HAIR and an AMAZING guitarist. they were so loud that they blew the whole sound system and even the lights. however for some reason i was too 'punk' for the crowes..soundgarden just barely fit into my punk gage as it was.."nirvana is punk and soundgarden is on the same label" i remember seeing them on posters around town thinking that they had this pretty killer rock look. kinda glam, kinda grunge, kinda mellow, pot-smoke, eyeliner vibe... so yeah, lately if i see a girl/boy with long hair and a little too much eyeliner, maybe she's wearing a vintage leopard print coat? maybe she has a black vintage hat similar to the hat robert dinero wore in mean streets? maybe they are into the dead and also into soundgarden?

well check this out: while all this had been gestating in my sub-half-conscious brain and intuitive fashion-forwarding-it-up on the rad summer front, guess who i saw grabbing breakfast at the j&m yesterday morning? CHRIS ROBINSON! of course i was in my rad summer "i'm going to work with dust and grime, finish painting the ceiling, post bins" look..not to mention hungover from sharing a bottle of wine with charlotte at the artistery. i was so drunk when i got home that i thought it was a good idea to take a bath and wash my hair at 2am right before i go to sleep. let me tell you it was a RAD LOOK i had going on.

ummmmm so yeah, anyway chris, this goes out to you from you(and me)


Saturday, September 29, 2007


this is adam i just wanted to write in to say hi
the store is looking awesome!
Jacob is making this rad tri-level candy cane totally raved out counter

oh here is the rad summer myspace


Blue and White

It's so rad for RAD SUMMER to be forming at the birth of autumn this year. For just at the bend of the solstice the clouds came out in epic colors and shapes, changing our moods and dreams. Today I noticed that all of the things I was wearing were blue and white. White dress shoes, splotches of cloudy-like bleach blobs on my jeans, fleur de lis blue and white print tank top over a blue turtle neck. Living a cloud, feet planted in the sky. I feel like I'm grounded in the old hymn "Trip up and never come down." To wear a symbol of the sky is to carry with you a mantra of your infinite physical tableau. Wear your heart on your sleeve, carry your soul through this reality like a cloud.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rad Summer Waning

Brian and Honey in front of RAD SUMMER store front

With the falling leaves comes the eternal return of RAD SUMMER, a thrift store brought to you by the collective efforts of Tom, Honey, Jacob and Charlotte.

Images of the Rad Summer in progress: Rad Summer the Prologue, Brian holding down the vibe.